Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A French kiss is a kiss, in which one's tongue touches his partner's tongue. The tongue enters the other's mouth. It has been theoretically proposed as a way to explore the sexual partner's immune system via saliva to verify compatibility. Here are simple step by step instructions to this wonderful experience.

Before beginning, 
Good oral hygiene is a must. Brush your teeth and floss your gums. If you are outside, have chewing gum or mint handy.  Drink a bit of water. A lip balm to soften your lips is optional.

Practice beforehand on your hands : 

  1. Get close. 
  2. Touch and cuddle your partner. Look at her eyes and let her know what’s going on so she doesn’t get frightened when things start to warm up. Moisten your lips with a slight brush of the tongue.
  3. Tilt your head to one side.
  4. Open your lips slightly. Holding her by the back of the neck, move into her. Look at her lips to know where you are aiming. As you approach, look into her eyes, but, once you are close to hers, you may close your eyes.
  5. Make contact with her mouth and KISS either her bottom or top lip. Close your mouth with hers. Hold onto her lip softly as you pull away. Catch your breath and absorb the wonderful sensations
  6. Now kiss her more passionately, with your mouth wider
  7. Open your lips slowly so that one of your lips is sandwiched between hers and one of hers is between yours.  Brush your tongue against her lips slightly.
  8. Slowly open your mouth more and gently push your tongue into her mouth.
  9. Gently and playfully touch tongues. Lightly, softly, slowly, move your tongue in and out of her mouth, massaging her tongue with yours. Congrats you have now hit the jackpot!

8) Look into your partner’s eyes after your first kiss to make sure she wants to continue.
If she doesn’t want to continue, she will pull back. Stop if her body feels stiff or if she’s not participating.

Women :
Don’t apply lipstick if you are going to kiss. It gets smeared all over, creates a slippery surface and tastes bad.

Men :
  • Shave yourself if u have a 3 day stubble. Full grown beards are fine.
  • Don't smoke or drink before kissing.
  • Avoid foods like coffee, milk, garlic, onions etc.
  • French kissing may transmit herpes, infectious mononucleosis and AIDS too if there are open oral ulcers.

And finally as usual, some fun kissing FACTS :
  • The study of kissing is called philematology.
  • One kiss uses 34 facial muscles and 1 minute of kissing burns 26 calories.
  • About a billion bacteria may be exchanged every time you share a kiss. Dont worry, most are killed by saliva.
  • Kissing reduces dental caries.
  • On average, people spend 20,160 minutes kissing throughout their lives.  
  • And the world record for kissing is 30 hours 59 minutes and 27 seconds. Think you could beat that?


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